Quality Assurance

In order to meet these commitments, Hebei Hongan maintains an efficient and effective quality management system which is assessed and registered against internationally recognized standards ISO/TS 16949:2009 to ensure that customer needs are fully understood and are met.
The quality management system defines how each individual product and operational process is conducted and all measurements and correcting actions are recorded. Your exact requirements are incorporated into our system which our operators then constantly monitor at specific intervals. This ensures minimal human error and a high standard of quality.
Once your order is received and any tooling is completed it will be trialed in our plant and sample s can be provided to you prior to the main production run, once your approval is received in writing, the production run commences.
It is during this production phase that the continual dimensional checks are made and the quality and consistency of your product is maintained throughout. Any issues which may arise from time to time can be quickly identified as all procedures are fully traceable.
Quality is more than a statement. It is the way Hebei Hongan executes the total transaction from order placement to final product delivery.



The quality assurance manager is responsible for ensuring the implementation of this system and for the identification of quality problems and subsequent corrective actions, resulting in continual improvement of the quality system. Our commitment to quality is shared by each employee and is proudly reflected in the method by which they work.
Over the years we have developed partnerships with our vendors and customers who all share the same ambition: "continuous quality improvement". The benefits experienced by these partnerships have been very significant. With the ever increasing demands imposed upon industry today, the need for continuous quality improvement is imperative. We would like to develop additional partnerships with companies that want to benefit from what this relationship can offer.

◆  ISO 9000 Standards
◆  Continuous Quality Improvement
◆  On Time Delivery


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